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About Us


An Amazing Gift from You to your Loved Ones, Family and Friends!!  can help you do that!


Keep your Legacy alive Forever!


Preplan your celebration of life memories with us.  This is a fantastic gift to commemorate your life.


We offer an opportunity for you to decide what photos of yourself, family, or friends that you want in a montage to display as a lifetime memorial.  You get 10 rotating pictures designed by you and unlimited content. Mobile Optimization for Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs.


A gift to the living is minimal compared to newspaper obituary costs and we give you the format to create what you want written.  We have no time limit for publication.


In an obituary, we want to present the significant events and attributes of the deceased to note that person's impact on their family and the world around them.  We will acknowledge the family members that you hold dear. Unfortunately many of the obituaries we see in the newspaper fail to convey the personality or contributions of the deceased in a meaningful way.  They are prepared in haste, in a fog of grief, or under stress in meeting a newspaper deadline.  Instead of a meaningful tribute, they often become a  string of hackneyed phrases, punctuated by fill in the blanks of personal information.

Try this fantastic way to change the mayhem surrounding your passage from this life to the next phase!!!


You can preplan or your immediate family can be helped at your time of passing.


Remember, the memorial service can provide a sense of closure for the bereaved!


Planning can provide the first step for a healing process for your family and friends!


Let us help you with this amazing gift for a minimal amount of only $300 dollars! (One Time Fee) Tax Included.


Start Your Announcement!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pictures can I have? What if I have more pictures what should I do?

You can have 10 photos with maximum of 10 pictures 1200 pixels wide x 700 pixels high. If you have more you would like to include then we suggest you make a collage of your pictures, each collage is maximum size of 1200 pixels wide x 700 pixels high or in Inches: 16.667 inches wide by 9.722 inches high.  There are many programs and apps available that could help you make a collage.

Does my entire video with content have to be made before I check out?
I am very busy. I don’t think I can make my entire video and/or write my content in one sitting. How will I be able to check out if I don’t have it done?
Am I able to change my content or pictures?
I am making a pre-obituary/tribute page. How do I make sure my page reflects my date of passing?
When I die how do I make sure my family knows to access this tribute?
Does my family need a password to access my tribute to play at my service or post on social media etc?
Why should I do this instead of just prewriting by obituary to send into the local newspaper?
If my preobituary is published right away, will people searching the site think I have passed when I have not?
Am I allowed to choose any music I want for my video montage?
Do I have to do a video?
Does this cost the same as having a video and picture collage along with it?
Can my family add a special picture after I pass?
If my family purchases a separate tribute is it the same cost?
I don’t know where to begin with writing my content. Are there any suggestions?
How do I remove the example content to add my own words?
How do I pay for my life memory?
Is my purchase guaranteed to be accessible to me and my family for our lives?
What types of files can I upload?
What is the maximum picture resolution and color format?
Can I change my Video?
Do you provide sample pictures to use as a guide for the pictures that is 1200x700?
Can Life's Memories create a photo gallery for me?
Can Life's Memories create my video for me?

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